Welcome! My name is Randy Fairfield and, should you happen to be interested, this page is a little bit about me, this website, and this blog. Since this blog is focused on my journey with faith, I will similarly focus my story. The truth be told, my journey is better told through my blog posts than through this page!

I was born and raised in Calvary Chapel churches in Southern California, and after moving to Washington State during middle school, I began attending Assembly of God churches all the way up until I turned thirty. I feel blessed that questions of Truth and how I ought to live were largely what consumed my teenage years during a time in which I watched many of my peers get consumed by other things. I developed a strong foundation of faith in Christ and in the Bible from deep sermons at Kittitas New Life Assembly and from experiences at Silver Lake Camp. While there are so many I could mention, I'm especially thankful to Pastor James Stephens for his commitment to the Word of God, to my Youth Pastor Kyle Hopkins for his zeal, Pastor Mac for his encouragement, Jeff and Tamie Laukala for their example, Pastor Kevin and Josie Hall for their teaching and wisdom, and Scott Elliott for his heart and his friendship. After receiving so much from the Assembly church I grew up in, I was later blessed to be able to give back as a janitor, member of the church board, and mostly-volunteer youth pastor.

After graduating from high school, I decided to stay at home and attend Central Washington University. While at CWU, I was a member of the Douglas Honor's College where I first met my wife-to-be, Shirley. After leading Shirley to Christ and watching her go through the born again experience, I developed a romantic interest in her that was reciprocated at the end of our freshman year. Shirley has been the only gal I've ever held hands with, and we share a special bond that sadly seems unique to most marriages. Despite the fact that she was the captain of her high school cheerleading squad and I the founder and president of my high school chess club, she still somehow maintains that I got the better end of the deal. One of my former youth group students put it in terms of our church mission statement at the time when he stated, "Randy, I'd just like to thank you for getting married and 'Bringing Hope to the Valley' to all of us single guys out there."

Shirley and I currently live in Pasco, Washington, and we recently chose to attend All Saints' Episcopal Church in Richland. We are glad for the decision and have followed that up by being confirmed and by having our children baptized into the Episocopal Church. I recently took on the responsibility and privilege of co-leading Sunday School for the youth and have enjoyed that immensely.

Shirley teaches elementary school in Pasco, while I make the short hop over the Columbia River to serve as a technology instructional coach in Richland. I love my job, feel like I'm making a difference, and particularly enjoy sharing words of encouragement with both teachers and students. Shirley and I especially enjoy spending time with one another and with our three kids, Rusty, Bonnie, and Audrey. There is no job I take more seriously than being an example to my children and demonstrating to them the love of Our Father as best as I possibly can. As it stands, I love a good board game, deep conversations, just about any sport that requires a racket or paddle, and I always try to furthering my education in ways both formal and informaml.


I first created this website during the Spring Break of my senior year of high school back in 2002. I used online tutorials to teach myself HTML code and have had a lot of fun learning new tricks and tips to slowly improve the site over the years. While this website first started out as a place for me to experiment with web design, its content has varied and evolved considerably over the years. The site was originally used for me to share my life and interests with my family, friends, and whoever else might be interested. As the evolution of Facebook largely made many of the functions of my website unneeded, it went into a period of disrepair. While portions of my site became a ghost town, I have used it over the years to facilitate small video game leagues, small group Bible study discussions, showcase my basketball card collection, and all sorts of other whatnot. As my interest in blogging picked up again, the blogging portion of the website was repurposed for a more general audience. I found, however, that most of the things I wanted to blog about pertained to my faith. As such, the blogging portion of this site is now has a bit more focus.

~ Fairf